“I have just read this super book in one sitting. Written clearly and accessibly, reading Kama’s words is like sitting down over a cup of tea with a friend. With a lifetime of international moves behind her, a divorce, the experience of an empty nest (and her children in another country), few authors could be more suited to writing such a book.

The Happy Migrant.  I love the title and the book’s content and voice is consistent with the cheery, upbeat tone of its words. Divided into chapters, covering before the move, leaving family and friends, embracing the new location and relationships, Kama has shared every scrap of her experience and knowledge, it’s evident from her ideas and solutions that she knows a lot about spirituality, mindfulness, Neuro Linguistic Programming and counselling techniques. Each chapter has checklists and tasks and that makes the book practical as well as comforting. 

I tell authors that they should be sure that their book does one or more of the following: 

  • Inspire
  • Support
  • Inform
  • Entertain 

Kama’s does the first three very well” – Jo Parfitt   www.joparfitt.com  &  www.expatbookshop.com 



“I read The Happy Migrant after relocating my family from Perth to the Sunshine Coast it was a great read after my move only wish I had read it before I left. The chapter on homesickness is fantastic and helped remind me to be in the present and enjoy where I am today” Christine


“I loved reading The Happy Migrant – I couldnt put it down and wish I’d had it when I went to live in Europe and when my (ex) husband moved from Europe to Australia. So many of the practical straight forward tips would have made a big difference to our lives and in the absence of access to parents family or close friends I imagine reading your guidebook would have helped us to prevent a lot of the stress we went through. Thank you Kama”  Barbara


“I got so many great ideas about how to have the kids come on board with the move. After a heartfelt conversation with my daughter I realised how much she has to leave behind and the friends she is worried about. We came up with a plan to stay in touch with the school and her friends online. Also with the packing and choosing toys etc to bring. Didn’t see how many concerns she had at age nine about the trip to Italy. thanks again. ciao lisa” Renovating Italy


 “HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on your book launch and foray into being a very successful AUTHOR!!!….. You are a beautiful writer – your words just flow on the page and your content and knowledge will be helping so many people who may be a little apprehensive about a move. You have certainly laid out wonderful hints, tips, ideas and plans for them to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed “reading” your books while proofing them… you write practical hints and tips, whilst coming from a place of deep authenticity and connection” Toni-Louise


“I have just finished reading Kama J Frankling first book The Happy Migrant, WOW this is so much more than a relocation guide.. This book will give you real tools for making any transitional change with ease and grace.Thank you Kama” Natalie Enlightened Goddesses


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The Happy Migrant - Your Relocation Survival Guide - e-book
The Happy Migrant - Your Relocation Survival Guide - e-book
Avoid wasting time and money making the wrong decision. Prepare for a move with as little stress as possible. Prepare yourself for the emotions of a move. Cope with saying goodbye to family and friends. Avoid the 70% divorce rate among Expats + much more