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Packing Up 

Packing up, giving away or selling – was the motto I kept on saying over and over as we were preparing to change our life and way of living.

Packing Up a Huge House

Not one family member or friend could understand why our family wanted a different way of life.

Actually some of our boys couldn’t understand it either, and still don’t get it.

You see we had already sold our family home and were renting a house for a year. While we were renting David stayed home so I could re-enter the work force.

Seeing a Different Lifestyle

One day I was so fed up with life and how we were living (or not living but just existing). That day changed our whole family dynamics.

Who Said It Can’t Be Done?

A lot of people said “You Can’t Sell off everything, or pack it up and move into a small Motorhome”

Or even “How can you travel with all five of your boys?”

Easily – watch me was my reply. And we did just that! We sold the family home in 2010 and then rented a house from 2010 to 2011.

A massive 4 bedroom two bathroom home, where we filled it up with more stuff…more than we really needed!

Yet we had a desire to travel. We wanted to show our boys a different way of living. We wanted our boys to grow closer together. That was our number one dream. A dream that we wanted to become our reality, our new lifestyle!

We sold off everything that we could, packing up our house and brought a smaller home. It was very small – smaller than what any of us was used to. Yet it was perfect in many ways.

This was not your normal home. This is our home on wheels – we now own a Motorhome – where four of our five boys travel and live together with us.

Packing Up

As we prepared for the changes of moving from such a big home into a small motorhome there was a lot of adjustments along the way. Packing up was maybe the hardest part – what would we need or what can we store, or sell off? Now that we have lived this lifestyle for about six months we realise what we do need!

We also had to get used to smaller spaces. We were all used to our own personal space (or even bedrooms that we could escape to!) To overcome this we had to learn to accept each other, have more patience, and to respect each other’s personal belongings.

First things first – after packing up our rented house we moved into smaller quarters so that we could get used to sleeping closer together.

The next thing that we have to deal with is a lack of space. Each of our boys now have one shelf each – for clothes, toys and school books. So we have packed up (or sold off) what we do not really need. We only have onboard what we need instead of what we want.

It’s amazing how little each of us all need to be happy.

With less space means less is allowed to be left lying around. There is no room to let clutter and build up of stuff. Everything has a space and needs to be packed up when it not is being used.

After we moved into our Motorhome, we soon realised how much stuff we did have, and didn’t need. Again we were packing up what we did not use. Now we live a simple lifestyle.

There is less in the way of “Stuff” travelling with us, but more “memories” are being made. We get out and about every weekend – exploring new areas.

We are also homeschooing our boys so our new home means new life experiences. That is why when someone tells us “It can’t be done” we smile and say “But we are doing it”.

This is our new way of life and the only thing we wished we had done was deciding to pack up everything sooner and move into a Motorhome years ago!

Could You Look at Packing Up and Moving On?



Thanking Kama for letting us be a guest blog post. To see more about Lisa and David’s journey of Packing up and moving into a Motorhome to travel Australia see New Life on the Road.


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  1. Lisa Wood March 13, 2012 at 11:58 am #

    Thanking you Kama for letting us share our story of moving from a house into a Motorhome :) Since we have been living in our Motorhome for the last six months we have realised how much more stuff can go – when you think about it, really all we need is food, water and a place to sleep!


    • Kama March 13, 2012 at 6:38 pm #

      So true Lisa Thank you for sharing. We have everything in storage now and have realised how much stuff we have … crazy :)

  2. Dhruv April 15, 2012 at 7:44 pm #

    Wow! I used this technique and it allery worked well! In fact, I used half as much room in my suitcase so I had a decision to make. Take a smaller suitcase or take twice as much stuff. I chose stuff! After all, I’m a woman and we are supposed to over-pack, right? LOL

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